PASSAVIA has won a lot of awards since 1888. Our predecessors reported us about "over 150 awards of the foundation book art and others". We suspect that concerns the second half of the 20th century. But those weren't archived and there isn't any statistics either. Vanity simply is no lower bavarian virtue. It probably wasn't that important for our predecessors. But resting was also no option for the PASSAVIANS.

Mostly our customers have registered us for those awards – or have pushed us to submit their products.
In the last decade those were

  • Gregor Awards –  together with our calender customer Edition Panorama with 3 calenders in the year 2015
  • the Award "Art printer of the year" in the years 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017
  • the Award "Book printer of the year" in the year 2016
  • the Bavarian Print Price in the category printing 2018

What we know is, that PASSAVIA has printed "special things" over decades and has received a lot of appreciation for that.

But the dearest recognition for us aren't awards – it's the direct feedback by our customers at the machines or when they hold their product in their hands for the first time.

With awards it's like that: We are happy about the "past" – continue with our work and produce the next great print products! Based on Albert Einstein (*1879 †1955):
"More than in the past I'm interested in the future, because I intend to live in it".