Won’t work? Doesn’t exist! Thanks to high-performance pacesetters with 6 hopper stations and cover folder feeders as well as folding machines with an inflow width of up to 112 cm we can process your orders highly efficient and precisely. And even if we can’t implement your wishes – one of our external professionals will for sure.

Inhouse processing:

  • cutting (guillotine cutters up to 176 cm)
  • folding (up to an inflow width of 112 cm)
  • stitching (Hohner HSB 10.000-S, technical data below)

Other inhouse processing:

  • drilling
  • perforation
  • embossing
  • grooving
  • punching

In cooperation with external partners:

  • adhesive-binding
  • hardcover

Saddle stitcher Hohner HSB 10.000-S
technical data:

  • maximum format, uncut: 320-350 x 460 mm
  • maximum format, cut: 340 x 450 mm
  • up to 10.000 production paces per hour
  • two-up production up to a product height of 21 cm
  • sequential switching on and off
  • integrated staple control, sheet thickness control
  • 6 ball-bearing bushes for highly precise trimmer knife guidance
  • 2 horizontal feeders
  • 4 vertical feeders for high production speed and prevention of dropping traces, etc.


Other advantages:

  • touchscreen as central operating element for efficient input and control of production data
  • fully automatic set-up of all the feeders, cover folder feeders, booklet acessories, trimmer knives
    and compensating counter stackers
  • waste sheet report through sequential monitoring
  • continuous vertical cover folder feeder for efficient placement
  • intelligent control sensor for double-sheet testing
  • flexible, precise wire stitching station
  • pinpoint transfer unit
  • trimmer inflow through a strap- and roller-track
  • trimmer with high speed and precise cutting accuracy
  • automatic stream delivery
  • compensating counter stackers with a two-level collecting shaft for flexible and intelligent processing